Some Days You Just Do All The Right Things…

Thursday, July 24, 2015

Today was one of those days. It was great!  I woke up early, had a healthy breakfast and moved on with my day.   IMG_3413

Lunch came along and I wasn’t really hungry, but I ate anyway — just a chopped salad, mesculin greens, carrots, red onions, sliced red tomatoes, and beets.  I ate the rest of it with a piece of grilled chicken for dinner. Small portion for lunch, medium for dinner.  A tall, icy glass of water, and I’m good to go.

After dinner, I made some sugar-free chocolate pudding, added a dollop of Redi-Whip, and I was one happy camper.  Need to shop tomorrow for some fresh fruit!

I walked a great deal yesterday, because I was in the city.  Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for today, but I’ll fix that tomorrow by starting out with a walk in the morning, and hopefully another at night.  It makes a world of difference in my attitude as well as my waistline.


CHECK THOSE LABELS! Nutrition Facts…FDA Proposal

There was an interesting article in the “Nation” section of today’s Newsday, our local newspaper (cited from The Washington Post).  The article focused on the Food and Drug Administration’s proposal to include the specific amounts of added sugars on the labels that list the “Nutrition Facts.”  Not only the number of grams, the FDA wants the percentage of sugar that’s added to a person’s recommended daily intake to be noted as well.  At present, when you look at the nutritional facts on the label on the package, you won’t see that number

FDA proposal to include amounts of "added sugars."
FDA proposal to include amounts of “added sugars.”

Evidently, studies have shown that a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease is (strongly) associated with lower amounts of sugar-sweetened beverages and foods. That’s an important fact for diabetics.
What I find incredible is that I RARELY, if ever, look at that side of the label — and I’m a “label reader!”  I’m usually focused on the number of grams.

Something new to watch!  Regarding diabetes, the more education, the better, right?

FRUIT, Fruit, fruit!

Today was a good day.  Up and at ’em, first thing.  Checked my e-mail and moved on to the fruit and vegetable store.  No need for veggies — I took care of that at Meyers.  Today is the day to stock up on fruit.

The problem — this store also has a great bakery department — oh, the pastries!  This time, I was prepared.  I ate breakfast before I went and I ignored the cakes and cookies that were calling my name.  Took some bananas, peaches, Gala apples (my faves) and a couple of nectarines, and I was out of there in 15 minutes.

The rest of the day was positive — portion control, good choices.  All in all, it was a good day for this dedicated, determined diabetic.  My numbers were great.

Believe it or not, I can’t wait for next month — I’m scheduled to do blood work and find out my A1C.  I’m expecting good things!

Enjoy the weekend, folks!

Absolutely, positively, THINKING POSITIVELY! :)

I love color.  Any color — reds, greens, oranges, browns, purples, yellows!  You name it — I LOVE them all.  Colors make me happy!

Take rainbows, for instance.  The anticipation involved in just viewing a rainbow — what’s at the

What's waiting for you at the end?
What’s waiting for you at the end?

end of it?  The colors are pale and serene and invoke a feeling of calmness.

What about the bright color of  beautiful Black Eyed Susans?  The incredible shades of yellow and

Black-eyed Susans on the East End!
Black-eyed Susans on the East End!

brown can put a smile on your face, especially if they’re in abundance.

The BOLD colors of vegetables in the summer can light up my life!  They reflect the joy of the summer harvest.  They’re absolutely MOUTHWATERING!

RED onions, YELLOW onions and WHITE garlic from Meyers Farm!
RED onions, YELLOW onions and WHITE garlic from Meyers Farm!
GOLDEN zucchini, RED and YELLOW tomatoes from Meyers Farm!
GOLDEN zucchini, RED and YELLOW tomatoes from Meyers Farm!

Precious gifts from the soil of Long Island.  There’s no place I’d rather shop locally for my vegetables than Meyer’s Farm in Woodbury.

It’s easy to THINK POSITIVELY and eat properly with these on my kitchen counter.  Today is another Day #1, and it will absolutely, positively be a great day!

Produce from Meyers Farm in Woodbury, NY
Produce from Meyers Farm in Woodbury, NY

Hanging My Head… :(

From the moment I opened my eyes this morning, I was tempted.  ALL DAY LONG I had cravings!  It was rough.

Have you had days like this?

I got through it until about three o’clock.  That’s when my car drove straight into a gas station.  No, I was not in need of petro.  I was in “need” of chocolate.  I fell WAY off the proverbial wagon.  My purchase included Hostess cupcakes and a Three Musketeer’s bar, both of which I promptly ate the minute I got home.  My mind went blank.  I used none of the tools that I have to fight off cravings — I just gave in.

What did I get out of this plunge into a vat of sugar?  Absolutely nothing, unless you count an incredible thirst that couldn’t be quenched, a horrific case of cotton mouth, and a tongue that felt like it was 4 inches thick.  It was disgusting.  I felt disgusting.  Of course, my blood sugar rose, and I went into a carb coma.  Sleeping the day away, is not my idea of fun, so I fought it.  I set my alarm for 30 minutes.  When it screamed at me, I got up.  No remorse, I told my frustrated self.  Hop back on the wagon and move along with the day. 

It’s now almost 10 p.m.  My mouth is still dry and I’m drinking water like a nomad in a desert. I’ve reviewed my day and realized that the number one thing that I did wrong was skip lunch.  I had a list of errands that would choke a horse, and I paid more attention to the list than I did to myself.

Take care of #1.  As Type 2 diabetics, we know that’s what has to happen to be successful at winning each battle. I didn’t do it.

Tomorrow’s another day.  I WILL do the right thing — use my tools, eat ON TIME and properly!  It will be a good day.

Clock Tower at Worth Avenue., Palm Beach, Florida
Clock Tower at Worth Avenue., Palm Beach, Florida.  EAT ON TIME!!!


I can do this!!!!!

Fishing Anyone…?

I threw a fishing line into my freezer and came out with a beautiful piece of salmon.  🙂  Topped with my fave Penzey Spice, “Sunny in Paris,” I paired it with green beans and sliced grape tomatoes with a tad of grated parmigiana cheese.  IMG_2397For dessert (and to stifle my craving), Sugar Free Pudding, chocolate with a dollop of fat-free whipped cream.  My go-to dessert is usually sugar-free Jello, but I’m in the mood (CRAVING!) for chocolate. Come hell or high water, I’m not going to cheat, so pudding it is!

Just my opinion, but the “Cook and Serve” S/F Pudding far surpasses the instant pudding. It takes a few extra minutes, but the after-taste is eliminated, and it’s fabulous warm.  Yummy! Be careful while shopping — S/F is the BLUE box.

JELLO -- Sugar-free  and Cook and Serve, Sugar=free pudding. (BLUE box)
JELLO — Sugar-free
and Cook and Serve, Sugar=free pudding.
(BLUE box)

I’ve found that when I have a strong craving, if I can wait 15 or 20 minutes, it usually passes. Sometimes that amount of time can be torture, so I try to have something “diabetes appropriate” that can fill the bill.  For me, that’s usually either chocolate Sugar-Free Pudding or S/F Jello.  Adding cut up pieces of an apple to the Jello gives me a dessert that’s filling, delicious, and has the crunch that we often look for. There are lots of options — be creative!

Hey, GO FISHING!    🙂

The Blame Game

The “Blame Game”

Hmmm. Responsibility?

It’s not my fault, I’m diabetic, is it?

I blame my forefathers!

Search that family tree — I’ll bet there’s diabetes hanging from those branches somewhere.

I picture myself in the “family forest,” (pic. below) reaching up and pushing away the leaves. “They’re in there somewhere, I just know it.” I walk for miles, climbing trees, shaking branches, hoping those diabetic family members will fall out onto the ground, make themselves known to me and accept their responsibility for MY dilemma, MY disease.

Did I say “MY?” Hmmm, I think I did. Could it be that it’s not their fault? Could I have done this to myself? I consider this premise — but only for a moment. Denial creeps in. No way! Back to the forest. I review my family tree: Mom, Dad, Grandpa, Nana? Nope. I continue on my journey, in search of the culprit(s). Aunts, Uncles? C’mon! Cousins, somebody? Where are you?

The "Family" Tree...
                  (The “Family” Tree)

Then, right in front of me, on one of the newer, lower branches, I see someone. He’s got the “D” tattooed on his shoulder. It’s my brother! Sure enough, there’s my genetic link. He has diabetes. Somehow, I feel better. But, why? What difference does it make? He didn’t do this to me. He didn’t give me diabetes. The reality is, even if there are more of them, way up on the higher branches (and I’ll bet there are), it doesn’t matter. It’s time to accept responsibility for my own life.

The “Blame Game” just doesn’t fit into my story of diabetes. Blaming genetics is a waste of time. I have it. Period. I accept it. Now, if I don’t do what’s best for me, who do I have to blame?

Time to move on, accept responsibility for my life and do the best I can to help my body fight the diabetes. Eat right, exercise, monitor my blood sugar. Do the RIGHT thing.

Here I go (again) — One day at a time.
I’m counting EVERY day as Day #1.

Wish me luck, and H E L P! [please…]

Resisting Temptation — YES, I AM!

It was a great weekend.  I met my siblings for dinner on Thursday night at a cozy restaurant on the north shore of Long Island.  Just LOVE doing that.  Sauerbraten caught my eye, as I perused the menu.  I haven’t had it in ages, so I dove in.  Mashed potatoes on the side, no butter; gravy on the side.  It was really good — I skipped the red cabbage except for two small forkfuls.  I love red cabbage, but it’s usually made with sugar so I’m careful.  Thankfully, it was thickened with something that screamed, Kathy!  Skip it. So I did.  No dessert, as usual, so all in all, dinner met my diabetic requirements.

I’ve been preparing myself (here’s a good tip!), before I go out, to remember what the purpose of the meal really is. Of course, it’s about having a nice dining experience, but I could do that at home. Mostly, the purpose of the gathering is to enjoy friends and family. This time — just family. I’m the baby, so I adore being with my elders 🙂  I always feel…protected. I’m sure that sounds crazy, because we’re adults, but feelings are just feelings, right? We have wonderful, interesting conversations, catch up, and have lots of laughs.  What could be better? If you haven’t done it lately, I highly recommend making a date to “break bread” (o.k., maybe NOT bread) with your siblings, cousins, any extended family members.  You won’t regret it.


When it comes to diabetes, support from family and friends is imperative. Oh, and it makes dealing with it a LOT easier.   🙂

Just know that, no matter what, YOU CAN DO IT!

JULY 5th!

WOW!  That was a great beginning to BBQ season.

Everyone I spoke with talked about going to barbecues, swimming at the beach or in pools, or getting out of town.  It was a busy weekend.  In the northeast, where I live, people were heading for the “hills,” which could mean the mountains upstate, or the beaches on Long Island and the Jersey Shore.  The weather cooperated, so there were lots of happy smiles on this (Long) island.

I’m still hearing leftover fireworks in the distance.

Tomorrow will be back to work for many and a continuation of vacation for some.  Whichever category you fit into, I hope you enjoy every minute of it in a healthy way.  Keep on track, watch your blood sugar levels, and enjoy lots of healthy meals.

Healthy choices — that’s the name of the A1C game!