No Gettin’ Around It!

When I go to my doctor, I always tell her the truth.  I confess:

“I binged, I slipped, I need to get more exercise” are the reasons that I blurt out, if I think all will not be well when she gets the A1C results.  “I’m doing great” is the other side of the coin, when I’m doing the healthy thing in every department. She always laughs and tells me there’s no need for confession.  The A1C will always spill the beans, if I’ve fallen off the proverbial wagon.

My daughter calls the A1C my “Blood Sugar Breathalyzer” — because — there’s just no gettin’ around it.  C’mon now — THAT’S funny!!! 🙂

The truth, as we’ve learned, is that there are many ways to stay on track.  I’ve been monitoring my blood glucose at least three times a day.  (Thus, my numbers are good.)  It’s important!  Taking my blood sugar and charting or journaling it, really helps to keep me honest.  I need that accountability — even if it’s just to myself.

Lancets and test strips. JUST DO IT!
Lancets and test strips.
                                    JUST DO IT!

Sometimes, I’m like a whiney baby (in my own head)  WAAAH, waah, waah!  I have holes in my fingers — it’s gross!  Then, my adult self, hands me a pacifier, tells me to stop, and then says, “STICK IT!”  literally.

It’s not a big deal. It’s important.  Like the NIKE commercial says, JUST DO IT!