Nutrition Counseling with a Registered Dietitian– Defined as: One who is trained or expert in the field of food and nutrition and…

— who advises on matters of foods and their impact on one’s health. A registered dietitian promotes good health through proper eating. That’s what I need, I told myself, and off to The Diabetes Education Center I went!  I had an appointment with one of their dietitians and it was wonderful.

Diabetes is a disease and I needed/wanted a health specialist. It was an outstanding visit. (I’ve been there before, over the years; sometimes you just need a tune-up.  This was one of those times.)  I AM dedicated and determined, that’s for sure.

I’m trying desperately to get off the Metformin — and attempting to be realistic at the same time. Maggie, a Registered Dietitian and Certified Diabetes Educator, helped me step back into reality. Reviewing my file, she complimented me on my A1C and pointed out that we were having a conversation similar to some we’d had years ago, when I first started.  Oh NO!  

I have this (flawed) theory that less is better. In other words, less food (carbs, etc.) will help to keep me on track. Thus, I’m probably not eating enough!  Then, when hunger strikes, guess what happens?  IMG_4375

CRAVING ATTACKS!  She’s right, of course. That evil sugar beast  creeps into my head and won’t leave until I cave. An attack on my blood sugar levels!!! Ugh… If you’ve been there, you know what I mean.


We talked about alternatives that will help the cravings to subside (I still use my Grapefruit Oil, which provides laughs for my friends. But, guess what? It helps me! See post dated: Nov. 21, 2015). This was a suggestion from a friend and guru of all things alternative.

Maggie helped me sort out a multitude of food choices that will get/keep me on track. I’ll get back to you with a TON of information that she gave me; tomorrow, if possible.  But for now — it’s dinnertime, and I have to move on with some healthy choices.  🙂


Keep the faith, fellow T2D’s!  …and to Maggie, THANKS A MILLION!!!

IMPORTANT:  Check with your physician before making ANY changes to your diabetic treatment plan.


February 14, 2016

So, how did it go?  Take your blood sugar lately?  🙂

If you feel you’re making all the right decisions — BRAVO! Good for you.  If perhaps that’s not the way your day is moving along, remember — you can always start over. We are only human, so just do your best.

Hey! Maybe you’re not a sugarholic or chocoholic — count your blessings! But, if you are,  you’ll relate to this post, and this time period may be rough for you.  It’s interesting, I’ve found that many of my friends don’t crave sweets. Their “drug of choice” is carbs! Is their a difference?   😦  [Too many links to post.]  If you’re in this category, Google carboholic.  You may be in for a surprise…

For those of us who crave sweets, please — BE ON GUARD against the sales next week.  All those bright, shimmering, pink and red heart-shaped containers, beautifully decorated square and rectangular boxes, that are left over and filled with shiny pieces of chocolate, will likely be 70% off!  I LOVE a good sale, AND, I am a “chocolate addict,” so I know those boxes will be calling me.

Here’s this Dedicated Diabetic’s PLAN  to avoid temptation — I’m simply NOT going into the stores tomorrow.  I just can’t.  I know my limitations. That chocolatey odor will seep from the containers and I’ll hear my name being called — “Kathy, I’m over here.  Buy me — 70% OFF — how can you resist?” UGH! Torture. I seem to be most vulnerable around Halloween and Valentine’s Day, for obvious reasons. My plan is to take my “vulnerable” self as far away from those stores/displays, as is humanly possible.  I have my trusty Grapefruit Oil, always at the ready,  (IMPORTANT:  Check with your doctor; this oil really should not be smelled directly from the bottle — could cause irritation in your nose.  Instead, a drop or two on the palms of your hands, held away from your nose, is the more appropriate method. Check it out before using!).  For the past week or so, I’ve been sniffing away when I even think chocolate, dessert, any tempting delight.  I’ve mentioned it before — I think the odor of the grapefruit oil simply “detours your brain” away from craving the sweets.

My “HEARTfelt” (get it?) suggestion to you, my fellow Type 2 Diabetics:   Make the healthy choices — for yourself.  Begin TODAY, right now. Do it for YOU — the effect will trickle down to those you love. you’ll see.

The good news is the stores will be sold out in two or three days, and “Satan’s Attack” will be over. Ended. Kaput!    🙂


Grapefruit Oil?????

Yep, I went out and bought the Essence of Grapefruit/Grapefruit Oil. What have I got to lose, right?  I bought it in a health food store and tried it immediately.

As I told you in my prior post, my friend Linda (the “alternative guru” — seriously, the amount of information she has in her head is AMAZING!), suggested that I try using  it to curb my sugar cravings.  I did, and it did!!!


Sicily, 1948.  Oh no — sorry, that was The Golden Girls!    New York, 2015.  I’m having a wicked chocolate craving. Anything will “fix” it — cake, cookies, candy (Oh, My!).  I run to my car, drive at breakneck speed to the local health food store to procure my bottle of Grapefruit Oil. Back in my car, I open the bottle, look around to see if anyone’s watching, place a few drops of the magic potion on my finger, and breathe deeply.  Feeling like I’ve just completed a drug deal, I step back into reality…

No, not a drug deal.  The sugar/chocolate is the DRUG.  The Grapefruit Oil is the antidote.


Here’s what I think happens:   If our brains can only accept one message at a time, and I PUSH the essence/odor of grapefruit into it — what is it going to encourage me to think?  Grapefruit, of course!  Evidently, the grapefruit message pushes the chocolate craving out.  Hopefully, to the curb.  🙂

I did exactly as Linda suggested.  I put a few drops on my index finger (smushed it around) and took a whiff.  First of all, it smelled like a wonderful ripe, pink grapefruit.  Most importantly, the strong craving for chocolate disappeared.  It did — like magic — it really did!  But, this isn’t magic.  It’s science (remember, aromatherapy is nothing new).  Unfortunately, the odor didn’t last.  When the craving came back, I had to repeat the procedure (a small price to pay, don’t you think?)

I believe that the actual act of:

  • stopping what I’m doing,
  • removing the bottle from my bag,
  • opening it,
  • putting the oil on my finger,
  • smelling it,
  • closing the container,
  • putting the container back in my bag,

~~~ is a process that takes a little time.  That time slowed me down.  Made me stop, think, change my decision.

So what I’m saying is that I think it works (for me) for more than one reason.  The odor of the grapefruit removes the craving, and the process takes time, which gives me the opportunity to stop (and NOT eat the sugar product).  The only thing that matters is that it did work, even if only for a short time until I had to repeat the procedure.

I will continue to use the grapefruit oil, as part of my defense against the sugar cravings that, at this point in time, seem to be torturing me.

The bottom line is that I will definitely overcome this issue — I have never been more motivated than I am right now.

Thanks for your help, Linda.

Wish me luck!  🙂