On December 29th, someone told me that the way in which you end a year will determine how your new year will be. This T2D doesn’t believe a word of it! Nothing. Nada. I’ve had vertigo for two days along with an evil virus. That’s the way I ended 2017. Ugh. NO WAY will 2018 be like that for me — absolutely not!


It’s 7:50 p.m. on Monday, January 1st, 2018. The vertigo and evil virus left this morning, as 2018 entered my life.

Thinking positively and looking forward to a WONDERFUL 2018!

Controlling my blood sugar is  #1  on my list of positive things focus on. Healthy eating choices, exercise, and meditation.

Bring it on 2018!!!

I’m ready for you.  🙂


Food shopping — Just DO it!*

What the heck is my problem? I’ve managed to procrastinate going food shopping, and now it’s SATURDAY! I didn’t plan to do it over the weekend and have to deal with the crowded stores. On the other hand, I didn’t plan at all — which, of course, is why I’m in this spot. I know it’s not a big deal. Just do it!

I had breakfast and lunch — both small portions. Probably too small which explains my lack of energy. So, here I sit, trying desperately to procrastinate — for ONE more day.

Grow up, Kathy. Just DO it!  It’s not like you’re in a war.


From: Shakespeare and Company (Paris, France).

I’m hardly “starving,” This is ridiculous. I’m grabbing my bag and off to the stores I go. See you later.

  • This post was unpublished from September, 2017

Mindful eating!

In my previous post I mentioned this important topic — eating mindfully.

Mindfully? What? Now I have to THINK


about eating. C’mon, open mouth — insert food! That’s all there is to it.

Mindfulness? Now that’s another story. Ive practiced mindfulness in meditation and exercise. There’s a saying “Keep your head where your feet are.” Same premise.

So, to practice Mindfulness in Eating, I will focus on what I’m doing. Smell, taste, pay attention.

Paying attention in every area of eating is important. Making the shopping list and shopping for the food can be done in a mindful manner, as well as the preparation of the meal.

Practicing Mindfulness in Eating will put me on the right track.

Perfect way to start the new year.