Okay — I’ve been remiss —

The holidays are a crazy, busy, time of the year, and that’s what I’ve been! Crazy and busy. (Thus, I haven’t been blogging or writing) I imagine most of you have been running, buying, wrapping — all the “normal” holiday nonsense. For me, it’s over. I celebrate Christmas, and today I de-decorated my house. (Trust me — it took all of ten minutes!) ¬†ūüôā ¬†I’m done and moving on.


Have you figured it out? This is NOT my favorite time of the year, for a multitude of reasons. Not unusual, I know. Many of us are not thrilled with all the chaos and commercialism attached to the holiday season.

Each year I try to make it better, do it “right.” This time around seemed to be more ¬†difficult than those of the recent past; probably, in part, due to my brother’s death in April. We’re usually the two bah-humbugs at Christmas — compadres. We did laugh about it each year and I certainly missed him. We know that emotions have an impact on our eating and, as a result, on our blood sugar levels.

This blog is entitled,¬†Diary of a¬†Dedicated Diabetic, so I’ll move along and focus on T2D. How did you fare during this time of excessive goodies?

I can say that I did pretty well but, I confess it wasn’t perfect. there is NO perfect. I’ve learned over these years to simply do the best I can.

We had Christmas Dinner at my niece and nephew’s home (Thanks, Erika and Keith — it was nothing short of a feast.). It was great. I did have seconds of the sweet potatoes — OMG — they were outstanding! Easy on those carbs, Kathy…¬†As I walked by my niece, carrying my second helping of sweet potatoes, I asked her who prepared them. Her sister-in-law admitted to the feat. Of course, I asked for the recipe — I was told that there were sweet potatoes and sugar. Period. Really bad. The casserole was topped with brown sugar and nuts, but there was a “ton of sugar mixed in with the mashed sweet potatoes.” My niece: “There’s no way you should be eating those.” TOO LATE! O.K., so that was a poor choice but, other than that, the rest of dinner was diabetes-friendly. Most important — I drank a TON of water that day and during the night and was sure to monitor my blood sugar.

Dessert, on the other hand, was insane. My nephew cut up a truckload of fruit.¬†That would have been a good choice. Not the one I made, unfortunately, but good nonetheless. My sister-in-law baked, I’d bet ten different varieties of cookies. My mouth is watering, just thinking about it. All in all, I “probably” had a couple of chocolate chip cookies, I KNOW I had two pieces of fudge, and a couple of peanut butter balls. Thank God there was no cake in sight. Obviously, I slid right down the roller coaster — head first! But, you know what, in the scheme of things, I don’t think it was that bad. I left empty-handed. No dessert in my pockets or a plastic lined pocketbook, and so the night ended. December 26th = back on track.

One day at a time, folks. Every day is DAY#1!

Wishing you countless holiday blessings and PEACE in the new year! ūüôā




Absolutely, positively, THINKING POSITIVELY! :)

I love color. ¬†Any color — reds, greens, oranges, browns, purples, yellows! ¬†You name it — I LOVE them all. ¬†Colors make me happy!

Take rainbows, for instance. ¬†The anticipation involved in just viewing a rainbow — what’s at the

What's waiting for you at the end?
What’s waiting for you at the end?

end of it?  The colors are pale and serene and invoke a feeling of calmness.

What about the bright color of  beautiful Black Eyed Susans?  The incredible shades of yellow and

Black-eyed Susans on the East End!
Black-eyed Susans on the East End!

brown can put a smile on your face, especially if they’re in abundance.

The BOLD colors of vegetables in the summer can light up my life! ¬†They reflect the joy of the summer harvest. ¬†They’re absolutely MOUTHWATERING!

RED onions, YELLOW onions and WHITE garlic from Meyers Farm!
RED onions, YELLOW onions and WHITE garlic from Meyers Farm!
GOLDEN zucchini, RED and YELLOW tomatoes from Meyers Farm!
GOLDEN zucchini, RED and YELLOW tomatoes from Meyers Farm!

Precious gifts from the soil of Long Island. ¬†There’s no place I’d rather shop locally for my vegetables than Meyer’s Farm in Woodbury.

It’s easy to THINK POSITIVELY and eat properly with these on my kitchen counter. ¬†Today is another Day #1, and it will absolutely, positively be a great day!

Produce from Meyers Farm in Woodbury, NY
Produce from Meyers Farm in Woodbury, NY