Grateful for My Diabetes. What???!!!???

I was in a department store this morning and observed a young boy asking his dad about a man who was in a wheelchair.  Why? What happened? Why? Why? Why?   He was filled with questions. His father kept it simple. “Sometimes, when someone has a hard time walking, or can’t walk at all, they use a wheelchair to get around,” he said, pulling his son over to a cashier farther down the row.  He knew what was about to happen with his six-year-old son.

A couldn’t hear them anymore, but it was obvious that this young boy had more questions. I watched as his dad, leaned over and explained what he could. He was a caring, young father, and I admired how he handled his son’s basket of questions about this difficult topic.

This scenario put everything into perspective for me.  I’m usually on the “Gratitude Train,” but there are those moments when I slip off into the poor me’s.  It doesn’t last long, and oftentimes I’ll be privy to something like what I saw today — which allows me to climb right back on!

IMG_3344It’s the old story:  Walk in someone else’s moccasins, and invariably, you’ll take your own shoes back!

Here I am, grateful that I have Diabetes — could be a LOT worse, my friends.   🙂