IT’S COLD outside but, I went “fishing” anyway!

I yell at myself for complaining about the cold weather, after the horrific winter we had last year in the Northeast — it was the worst!

Today I went fishing — not in the great and wonderful Atlantic Ocean,

IMG_1578           — nor in a calm lake …       NOPE!

I took my “fishing rod” — or rather my wallet, and headed to the fish store!

I’ve been eating so much chicken lately, I’m beginning to quack!  A change of pace was definitely in order, so off I went, not in my boat, but instead in my nice warm car.

Later, I headed home with my “loot” — swordfish, salmon, and flounder stuffed with crabmeat.  I picked up a bright yellow pepper to add to the vegetables I already had,; the end result will be grilled or roasted veggies — not sure which, but I’ll let you know.

Have to go now; picking up my walking buddy — gotta get that blood sugar level down!  I’ll let you know later… (By the way, that link above will put you in touch with a very good article on this topic.)

_______________          _______________          ______________

I’m BAAACK… and very happy.  My blood sugar dropped 56 points after walking tonight and 70 points after walking this morning.  It fascinates me, for some reason, that walking has such an impact on it.  Obviously, this is not new news; but, when I monitor/journal my numbers, the results never cease to amaze me.    🙂

If you’re not walking (yet), I strongly recommend that you try it, and be sure to write down the pre and post numbers.  No matter how long you walk, I can’t imagine that you won’t see a drop in your numbers. It’ll boost your confidence!

Go ahead, dust off those sneakers;

*** BUT,  if this is NEW for you — CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST.  There are do’s and don’ts for everything.  We’re all different, so talking with your doctor will get you the vital information that you need.

Here’s an example, as it relates to ME:    If my blood sugar is on the low side (and I know it will drop at least 50 points while I’m walking),  I’ll have a small snack or some crackers to bring my level up before I go walking.  Now that I’ve noticed that my levels are dropping regularly with exercise, I take along a carb (pretzels/crackers) in my pocket, for the just-in-case time that I don’t feel “right.” (Per my doctor’s advice.)

Talk to your doctor, and he/she will give you the advice that’s right for you!








Thursday, June 4, 2015

I can do this — one day at a time!  It seems, that’s the only way I can do it. But, that’s o.k.

Last night I walked with my good friend (and “walking buddy”), Maureen. We usually walk for about an hour. Not too fast, not too slow, just right. It’s great for the endorphins and for lowering my blood sugar. We shoot the breeze and walk, walk, walk.

I’ve joined gyms, got pumped-up about it, and POOF! Fizzled out.  I accept that I’ll never be a gym rat; it’s just not going to happen. Frankly, I don’t see the allure. For those of you who are into it, BRAVO! Keep at it. Me? I’m going to stick to my walking. It works for me, also helps to get rid of that blasted belly fat. Lord knows, I need to work on that.

When I was first diagnosed with T-2, they told me to exercise. Walking worked for me then, and it still fills the bill. My goal is to walk both in the morning and evening. I haven’t been successful at both, YET. But, I’m getting there. Yep, one day at a time.

Where Have You Been?

Saturday, May 9, 2015

So, notice the dates on my posts — I’ve been away for a while.  😦

Translation:  I fell “off the wagon” and have been eating myself into oblivion.

What a roller coaster ride this diabetes is!  Slipping and sliding.

But, I’m back on track and more determined than ever.

I started by:

  • having my blood work done
  • made an appointment with my doctor for next week
  • shopped for only the foods I should be eating
  • put my sneakers on and started walking again!

About walking. I do think that the horrendous winter weather played a part in my falling off the diabetic wagon.  (NOT an excuse!) Living in the northeast this winter, was not an asset in terms of walking — hard to do, if you can’t get out of your house. (Talk about slipping and sliding!) So, you can consider it an excuse, but no way was I willing to risk falling. I have 11 screws and a plate in my left arm, as a result of a prior fall, so no thanks! But, in my defense, I did start to walk the mall in the mornings. Any port in a storm — and it was ALWAYS a storm.

By the way, I don’t know about you, but my “storm foods” have always included potato chips and chocolate chip cookies. That’s what’s was in my wagon when I was online with other people who are stocking up on milk, water, and bread, just prior to a blizzard. Hey! We all have our “go to’s…”   (BUT, NOT ANYMORE.)

FINALLY, the weather is good again, so out I go. I’m best when I walk with a friend. Let’s face it, being accountable to someone else does keep us on track. It’s great camaraderie when you have a “walking buddy” — I highly recommend it. We discuss everything, but high on our priority list is health. She’s not diabetic, but is health conscious, so we discuss various ways to cook the foods we should be eating, and tools to use so that we don’t give in to “temptation.” Those evil carbs!

There’s something wonderful that happens in your head when you’re doing the right thing for yourself. It’s almost a feeling of euphoria. Yea Me! Crazy, but true.

So, I recommend that you pull yourself out of that chair, look squarely into the mirror and say, “THAT’S ENOUGH!

Make today Day #1.

Do the “RIGHT” thing.

You won’t regret it. Promise.