Temptation Strikes Again

Yesterday was a real “treat!”  We arrived at my niece and nephew’s home to celebrate their daughter’s graduation — You could smell the sugar emanating from the desserts that covered the table — the VERY LARGE table. I swear, every leaf was used to extend the length of it, and every inch was filled with a confectionary.  Brownies, cookies, and pies — OH MY! It was a killer to this T2D sugar addict.

bakery baking blur close up
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

I’m serious. Every inch. The obligatory graduation cake was the centerpiece, surrounded by more desserts than I could count. Of course, the brownies called my name, and I didn’t hesitate. Actually, I didn’t hesitate — TWICE! Luckily, they were cut into a reasonable size, which helped to alleviate my guilt. Somehow, a homemade chocolate chip cookie found it’s way into my mouth. How does that happen? 🙂  Okay, I know how it gets there. By the way, there was a bowl of fruit on the table. It was colorful, but didn’t “catch my attention…” Carbs reigned!

assorted sliced fruits
Photo by Trang Doan on Pexels.com

This was to be a low key gathering, just dessert, coffee, etc., so we stopped at a diner and caught a bite, before going — just a sandwich, no big deal.

I planned my eating for the day, so I was careful not to munch before leaving home. It was fine. It could’ve been a LOT worse, but gone are those days. Thank you God!


What a great summer we’re having. Remember to BUY LOCAL!  I’ve been shopping my local farm stands, and they’re chock full of fabulous fruits and veggies. Take advantage of the abundance of these fresh, colorful and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Zucchini was never my favorite, but when I had my first zucchini fry, it was LOVE.  BUT, I’m pretty much off fried foods, so I had to search for an alternative.  Baking was the answer.  We can still have the foods we want, without the tons of oil.  Perfect!

What’s better than FRIED zucchini?  “FRIED” zucchini — just bake them.  I was at Meyer’s Farms the other day, and I bought Golden Zucchini.  The color was amazing.  Much brighter than the usual yellow zucchini.

GOLDEN zucchini, RED and YELLOW tomatoes from Meyers Farm!
GOLDEN zucchini, RED and YELLOW tomatoes from Meyers Farm!

Here’s the recipe (it’s a video).  This one uses parmigiana cheese (you can skip it, if you’d like). Baked zucchini fries are awesome — try it, you’ll like it!  🙂