Invasion of the Rabbits!

Still, believe it or not, Saturday, March 26, 2016!

They’re everywhere! I’m sure you’ve noticed — you can’t miss them. Wall-to-wall RABBITS/BUNNIES!

I have no problem with them, I actually like the real deal.  We had “one” that inhabited our backyard for years. I convinced my kids that “Peter” lived in our yard — “but, don’t get too close!”  It could have been twenty different rabbits, how would I know? They were all brown, had two floppy ears, a cotton tail, and hippity hopped all over the place. But Peter was “ours” (or so we claimed) and we loved observing him from afar — even to the point of greeting him/her (with, “Hi Pete!” every morning).  🙂

My daughter’s friend (Hi Denise!) and her husband (Hi Thomas!) had a gorgeous rabbit. His name was “Buster” or “Busterina.” I was never quite sure…   🙂   But that was one beautiful, spoiled rabbit!  C’mon, Denise, you know that’s true!  He/she had his/her OWN room. I had to SHARE a room with my sister when I was a “bunny” — didn’t want to say “kid” in case the goats are listening!   (groan — sorry)

Back to the DIABETIC ISSUE at hand:  It’s the CHOCOLATE bunnies I have an issue with.  BIG surprise. THEY  ARE  EVERYWHERE!  To this Type 2 Diabetic, it’s TORTURE!      

{Hi.  I’m Kathy, and I’m a CHOCOHOLIC!}  

I can’t take it anymore. Every single store I go into has those damn chocolate bunnies — and they’re calling my name!  “Kathy, I’m over here!  One won’t hurt!” It’s like waterboarding for diabetics!    😦     Make it STOP, I’m pleading with you.

NOW, LET’S FACE IT — whether you’re a Christian or not, you KNOW that Easter is NOT about the freakin’  chocolate bunnies!  It’s not about ANY Bunnies!!!





STILL — Saturday, March 26, 2016

True to my word, late this afternoon I headed out for Bed, Bath & Beyond, to purchase my new scale.  It’s going to be great, I thought.  Finally, truth about my weight.  (Who knows how long this deception has been going on? — See prior post “My Scale and Moi”)

As I wandered up and down the aisles, I made a decision to buy a basic scale — no bells and whistles. I just need it to tell me my exact weight — that’s it!  Sounds simple, right?


When I found the aisle that displayed the scales, I was stunned! The variety was outrageous. Remember, I just want a scale that will report my “tonnage.” That’s not too much to ask, is it?

The prices ranged from $19.99 – $179.99!  C’mon. I don’t want it to cook dinner for me — just WEIGH me!

I walked from one to the other, checking out the absurd features — I mean, it’s a SCALE, people! Just a scale!  Evidently, we can no longer put the words “just” and “scale” in the same sentence.

Now listen carefully — you won’t want to miss ANY of this important information.  Here’s what I learned:

Most of the scales have USER MEMORY  (to keep track of the weight) for other members of your family — I swear!

BONE MASS ANALYSIS and BODY ANALYSIS (whatever they mean) are additional features.

Tempered safety glass — okay, I can accept that.

High visibility, LCD, LARGE digital readout display, of course, was of primary importance.  I agree, these eyes aren’t getting any younger.

Here’s an outstanding feature, if you can decipher it:  Multiple Load Cell Technology.  What is that? The box “explains” that it uses precision electronic strain gauges for extremely accurate weight measurements.   🙂  Well, it sounds like I won’t be able to complain that it LIES to me!

One last feature. I hope you’re sitting down…  Bio-impedance analysis (BIA) — It measurers each user’s body fat %,  body water %, bone mass index!

Well, thank God! I’ll sleep tonight, knowing that my scale is taking such good “care” of me.

Here’s what I read on the box that met MY criteria:

  1. Durable Construction  (Check!)
  2. Easy-to-use  (Check!)
  3. Elegant styling (Who really cares? IT’S A SCALE!!!)



Here’s what I bought, $29.99 later and with a 20% off coupon.   NOW I just have to figure out how to use it…

Seriously, I just needed a scale…

That being said, tomorrow morning I will begin what I expect will be an honest, long-term relationship with my NEW  “TRUTH TELLER!”

This post falls into the category of “You Can’t Make It Up!”

* DISCLAIMER:  I bought this Weight Watchers Scale but I am not a member.  (A sale is a sale.)

My Scale and MOI!

Saturday, March 26th

I don’t understand it.  I’ve never lied to my scale. NOT once!

I don’t even weigh myself naked, in an effort to get a lower number!  Just tell me the truth, clothes and all (minus the shoes, of course. Get real!).

I thought we had a good relationship, my scale and moi. I didn’t lie to it; I thought, it told me the truth.  I’ve even referred to my scale as the “truth teller.” How much more faith can you have in something? I trusted it; considered what it told me to be Gospel. But it lied, it exaggerated, it understated — it simply could not be truthful. It even got so caught up in its falsehoods that it didn’t know what the truth was anymore.  My scale was a pool of inaccuracies. I felt betrayed. As a Type 2 Diabetic, truth about my weight is imperative.

My “old” (LYING) scale!

I gave it a chance. I DID! Remember, a few blogs back, I said I’d give it a few days — and then, it’s deception became rampant.  Every time I hopped on, it gave me a different number — NO consistency.  I screamed at it, TELL ME THE TRUTH!  There was silence and then more LIES, deceit, myths.  I couldn’t take it anymore. Honesty was no longer the cement that held our partnership together.    😦

Just as in any longstanding relationship, when the cloud of deception surrounds the “beings,” it’s over! There’s no way out.  I needed HELP, that’s for sure.


Counseling? No point.  It’s too late. I felt as though our entire relationship was fictitious, a fairytale gone bad. I decided to let go!  I thought back over the many years we’ve been together, my scale and moi. Seems like 5 but time flies, so I’ll bet its ten years by now. In the beginning, it told me the truth. I’m sure it did. Then, after a while, I did start comparing the number on my scale to my doctor’s reading and, when I came home and hopped on, I told myself the doctor’s scale was wrong.  Mine would never lie…  I held on and went deeper into denial. I blame myself for that.

TODAY, I decided, was the day I would be released from its dishonesty. I felt my scale had been disloyal to me. AND, worse still, it made me lie to YOU. I didn’t know it, but my scale knew and it let me report my inaccurate weight anyway.  It made a fool of me.There’s no more denying it.

A quote from Aesop’s Fables, “A liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth.” That’s where we are now, my scale and moi. Garbage day is Monday, and I’m kicking you to the curb.

I’m heading out shortly to Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase a NEW, MORE HONEST “truth teller” and start a genuine, trustworthy relationship with my NEW scale and moi!

Blood Sugar = 103      WeightI am unable to give you an accurate report, because my lying scale can’t tell the truth.   If you want to guess — let’s say it’s about 129 lbs.   🙂   Now THAT’S a lie!



Food and Friendship

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Going to a friend’s home for dinner, who does NOT have diabetes,  and being served a diabetic-friendly meal, is the definition of FRIENDSHIP!

Friday night, whether you work, go to school, or are retired, is the night when oftentimes people are just plain pooped! That was me last night.

Large crocheted afghan

Nothing would have made me happier than to curl up on the couch with an afghan, a cup of tea, and a book. Sound boring? Not to me; not last night. But, a commitment is a commitment. I dragged my body into the shower, got dressed, put a smile on my face and was off to an evening with some great friends.  I didn’t regret it.

As is with most times when I don’t “feel” like doing something, it was spectacular!    Good friends, fabulous food, and lots of laughter is the perfect recipe for a most enjoyable evening.


I don’t drink anything but water with either lemon or lime and that’s what I floated in all night.  Iced cold H2O was sublime.



Simplicity was the key. Tired friends gathered together to “break bread,” and have some laughs — simple.

It was perfect.

Our hostess served a colorful display of a variety of cheeses, thinly sliced, paired with Water Crackers. A basic hors d’oeuvres that appealed to this weary group of revelers.

Oh, how I wish I’d thought to take pictures of what was to come—

We moved on to an incredible dinner.  SIMPLE, really simple = wonderful! Are you ready? The entree consisted of two PIZZAS!  Wait.  I thought you said a “diabetes-friendly meal.”  Oh, it was!

There, on an enormous white oval-shaped platter, sat slices of two different types of mouth-watering pizza. The first was tomato based, sprinkled with a small amount of melted mozzarella, basil, and a touch of oregano. The second pie “wore” a coat of finely chopped spinach, dotted with tiny speckles of warm mozzarella. How is this a friend to the diabetic?  The secret was in the crust — the thinnest, crispiest pizza crust I’ve ever seen.  Like paper, browned to perfection!  Freshly grated parmigiana was served in a lovely, small glass bowl, that rested off to the side of the table — there for the taking, if you so desired.

Then, the piece de resistance.  A huge, white ceramic serving dish, filled to the brim with piping hot pieces of butternut squash covered with chopped kale, was placed, with a certain reverence, on the end of the table by our hostess. If I had been standing, I would have genuflected!  Ooo’s and Ah’s prevailed as we each took our share (maybe more).

Later, with tea, our hostess-with-the-mostess served dessert. Her homemade pound cake, gelato (I passed on that, I promise!), and something she’d never made before. Only a BRAVE person would serve an “untried” dessert to her guests, right? She is courageous, but also a Gourmet Cook, so not to worry — it was superb. Perfect for the diabetic guest, it was homemade sugar-free jello (not the boxed stuff I’d make). This was prepared on the stovetop with sugar free gelatin, water, unsweetened apple juice, and pureed strawberries.  After it set, our friend topped each individual serving with blueberries, raspberries and a small dollop of whipped cream. I THANKED THE GODS OF “DELICIOUS,” because that’s what it was!

It’s a real friend who looks out for the health of her BFF’s. Thanks, Jane, for an evening of good company, intelligent conversation, an incredible dinner, and LOTS of laughs!


Blood Sugar  =  98             Weight = 153.4    Nope — impossible considering what I’ve eaten! Time for a new ——->—–>—–>—–>IMG_4436

CAN’T ZZZzzz… sleep!

Friday, March 25, 2016    1:37 a.m.

Aaahhhrrrggghhh!  What was I saying about sleep and diabetes.  Oh, yeah — that it’s REALLY important.  But alas, my mind is racing like the Kentucky Derby.

Usually, when I have difficulty sleeping (which is a LOT),  I meditate, read or take a warm shower. But tonight, I’m really tired and don’t think I can focus enough to meditate or read, and I’m too pooped to take another shower, so my answer will be to have a cup of CHAMOMILE tea.

Article after article applauds the effects of chamomile tea on insomnia and then, of course, there are the ones that state there is no concrete evidence that it works.  Here’s what I know — sometimes it does!  For me, for tonight, it’s worth a try.

Here’s hoping!  Nighty-night…


DIABETES — It’s Complicated…

Thursday, March 24, 2016

…but, I’m using my BRAIN!  You know, to sort things out, organize my diabetic needs, in the interest of good health.  In my prior post, I spoke about responsibility.  Sleep habits, healthy foods, and exercise, fall into that category and MUST be a priority in my life and, I  accept complete responsibility for each sector.  This really IS the way to good diabetes management and great glucose levels.

I walked this morning — first thing.  Ugh. I hated every minute, but I did it; NO CHOICE.

Started WALKING — again!

Food planning, I’ve FINALLY accepted it is imperative to avoid “slips.” I went shopping today with lunch and dinner menus a priority.  My freezer is chock full of chicken and fish, so my basket was filled mostly with vegetables and fruits.

Breakfast is the most difficult meal of the day for me. Why? Chocolate chip pancakes, waffles, of course!  Either would be my choice. This is the ONE MEAL that is a problem for me, and it’s not a new dilemma. I’m allergic to eggs, so there’s that. I like most foods, but my issue is the consistency of some of them — cottage cheese, for example, oatmeal, yogurt, anything mushy or gushy — I just can’t get them down.  What to do? Any suggestions? The “most important meal of the day” (or so THEY say) is the one that I can’t seem to resolve. HELP! PLEASE, I’m pleading with you! 


Regarding organization, new recipes are vital for me to keep interested in food preparation;  I’ve been scouting the Internet for different ones.  I’ll share of my T2D epicurean delights, as I make them  🙂  Variety is the spice of life!

I’m determined and dedicated to use my BRAIN to carve out my path to successful diabetes management!


About my BREAKFAST DILEMMA, seriously, if you have any ideas, I’d be thrilled to hear them.  THANKS!!!

Blood Sugar = 86        Weight = 148



Accepting Responsibility —


Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Accepting responsibility is the name of the game, Correct? It’s MY Type 2 Diabetes, MY food, MY exercise, MY sleep habits, MY everything! So, how can I possibly BLAME anyone or anything else for my lack of discipline in these areas?  I can’t



That’s the bottom line!    

Blood Sugar = 102              Weight:  148.6 lbs.