STILL — Saturday, March 26, 2016

True to my word, late this afternoon I headed out for Bed, Bath & Beyond, to purchase my new scale.  It’s going to be great, I thought.  Finally, truth about my weight.  (Who knows how long this deception has been going on? — See prior post “My Scale and Moi”)

As I wandered up and down the aisles, I made a decision to buy a basic scale — no bells and whistles. I just need it to tell me my exact weight — that’s it!  Sounds simple, right?


When I found the aisle that displayed the scales, I was stunned! The variety was outrageous. Remember, I just want a scale that will report my “tonnage.” That’s not too much to ask, is it?

The prices ranged from $19.99 – $179.99!  C’mon. I don’t want it to cook dinner for me — just WEIGH me!

I walked from one to the other, checking out the absurd features — I mean, it’s a SCALE, people! Just a scale!  Evidently, we can no longer put the words “just” and “scale” in the same sentence.

Now listen carefully — you won’t want to miss ANY of this important information.  Here’s what I learned:

Most of the scales have USER MEMORY  (to keep track of the weight) for other members of your family — I swear!

BONE MASS ANALYSIS and BODY ANALYSIS (whatever they mean) are additional features.

Tempered safety glass — okay, I can accept that.

High visibility, LCD, LARGE digital readout display, of course, was of primary importance.  I agree, these eyes aren’t getting any younger.

Here’s an outstanding feature, if you can decipher it:  Multiple Load Cell Technology.  What is that? The box “explains” that it uses precision electronic strain gauges for extremely accurate weight measurements.   🙂  Well, it sounds like I won’t be able to complain that it LIES to me!

One last feature. I hope you’re sitting down…  Bio-impedance analysis (BIA) — It measurers each user’s body fat %,  body water %, bone mass index!

Well, thank God! I’ll sleep tonight, knowing that my scale is taking such good “care” of me.

Here’s what I read on the box that met MY criteria:

  1. Durable Construction  (Check!)
  2. Easy-to-use  (Check!)
  3. Elegant styling (Who really cares? IT’S A SCALE!!!)



Here’s what I bought, $29.99 later and with a 20% off coupon.   NOW I just have to figure out how to use it…

Seriously, I just needed a scale…

That being said, tomorrow morning I will begin what I expect will be an honest, long-term relationship with my NEW  “TRUTH TELLER!”

This post falls into the category of “You Can’t Make It Up!”

* DISCLAIMER:  I bought this Weight Watchers Scale but I am not a member.  (A sale is a sale.)