And the Oscar goes to…

Sunday, Feb. 28, 2016

And the Oscar goes to…YOU!  


I’m watching The Academy Awards. I love to watch the Oscar nominees, winners, and the tiny snippets of films that have been made in the past year.

These are an incredible group of people who work hard every day, studying, practicing, striving to do their personal best. They overcome obstacles in their work and in their lives and THEY REACH THEIR GOALS!

So do WE.  Every minute of each day,  Type 2 Diabetics go through the exact same process — we work hard everyday to stay on track (sometimes just to get on track!). We study and learn as much as we can about diabetes (“Know Thine Enemy”), so that we can fight it, beat it, and sometimes just get along with it. We practice, using the tools we have, to get and stay healthy — and then, we do our personal best — even though sometimes it’s not good enough.

My fellow T2D’s — please stand, go up to the stage and grab YOUR Oscar.  You deserve it! While you’re standing in front of the microphone to say your thank you’s, be sure to recognize your doctors, nurses, family members and friends who have been encouraging and helping you along this journey.


Gotta go — they just called my name.   🙂

Congratulations everyone, on the hard work you do each day to stay healthy!






121 = Blood Sugar                149 lbs