Cured? I Think Not! The Terror of Chocolate…

Thursday, October 2, 2014

So, week after week, I went forward with my food and exercise regimen. My blood sugar levels were great and walking was doing the trick for my body. I was happy. My doctor was happy. The world was good.

And then it happened — temptation! I worked in a school and chocolate was everywhere. Trust me, it’s in those desk drawers and cabinets. Sometimes, it’s right out on the counters and desks; right there for the taking.

Where did I go wrong? I started to “forget” my apples, my life preserver.

Little by little, hunger crept in during the day and my routine went out the window. Maybe it was someones birthday, and there was a cake. I don’t remember, and it doesn’t really matter. Temptation reared it’s ugly head, and I was captured, taken hostage maybe, back into the world of sugar. Instantly, I plunged into the depths of a pool of chocolate and began spiraling down and down. Shortly, I was back to eating candy bars in the car. Yes, I admit it, cake and cookies too! I had no shame. Then I came out into the open. At work, I’d have “just one bite” which turned into an entire piece of whatever was offered. No embarrassment.


What was the point of taking my blood sugar? I knew where it was. I even stopped carrying my glucometer. I knew I was out of control, I couldn’t seem to stop. What happened to “I’m cured!”   What to do…