Fall Has Arrived!

Yes it has!  I can tell by the subtle changes in the leaves, and the onion soup simmering in my crock pot.

The forecast in NY, for the remainder of this week, is for cooler weather; thus, the French onion soup.  I chose this recipe, but left out the brown sugar and the beer.  Pretty much, it’s lots of onions, garlic, salt (I don’t use salt, because I use low sodium stock, that’s enough), pepper, andbeef stock.  Important to buy the low sodium stock.      IMG_3703

I like to brown the onions in a frying pan first.  It’s a quick extra step, but I love the way it looks and smells.  Some recipes call for sugar to help with the caramelization.  I leave that out — a little patience goes a long way.  (They’ll be browner than in the picture)  IMG_3574When serving, I sprinkle the tiniest bit of cheese on top!

I just read a New York Times article on the preparation of onion soup by Jacques Pepin — he doesn’t use stock, just water!  Next time, I’m going to try his recipe.

This is a hearty soup that’s delicious and shouldn’t do much to impact my blood sugar. I’ll probably have a cup or two over the next couple of days and freeze the rest.


I’ll be monitoring my blood sugar before and after this “experiment.”     🙂       I’ll let you know, the high and the low!

My house smells mouthwatering FABULOUS!!!!


           OH, BABY!

TOOK MY BLOOD SUGAR PRIOR to eating = 134.  Will let you know my post number in two hours!

Two hours post French Onion Soup = 122.

Guess it’s safe to say — onion soup is “safe!”