WHY? Why? why?

Forgive me for what may seem like I’m climbing on a soapbox.  Diary of a Dedicated Diabetic is, however, a blog about taking care of ourselves.  These words are about our taking care as individuals, and as a country.

It’s been difficult to write about anything positive amid the sadness of the world . The terror that took place in San Bernadino, California, this past week is just overwhelming,  especially with Paris and Brussels, barely in the background.

To hear people speaking about “another” mass murder caused my heart to break.  I no longer want to hear the statistics of these events.  I don’t want to listen to, or engage in, conversations that use words like, “so sad, unbelievable, and what can we do?” These conversations bring a sense of helplessness, and I don’t believe that we’re helpless.  We are not victims! 


We, in the United States, are members of a democracy.  I’m so grateful for that.  But, because we live in a democratic nation, we CAN do something.  We can call and write our Congresspeople.  We can voice our concerns and opinions.  We can and must demand that they take actions to make and keep our schools, malls, churches, movie theaters, and workplaces SAFE!  We should and must expect them to listen and act — for the good of all.

And now — about diabetes.  Type 2, in my case.

Making good choices and taking care of ourselves on every level is imperative. Last Thursday night, I made a great choice!  I went to a seminar on diabetes that focused on the Holidays.  One of the handouts was titled, “Holiday Season Eating.”   🙂

First of all, the presenter was excellent.  She was a diabetes educator/registered dietician and really knew her stuff.  Her presentation was filled with information and helpful hints; we left with a packet of healthier recipes; time well spent.

There was much discussion about portion control (happily, without using those words). Non-starchy vegetables were encouraged. She reminded us that  1 cup raw or 1/2 cup cooked non-starchy veggies = 5 grams of carbs. LOTS of choices — no need for that feeling of deprivation.  IMG_3417

A four-page, double-sided folder was given to us as an easy-to-read chart of everything you always wanted to know about good choices, for the person who has diabetes.  It’s in a simple format that makes preparation quick and easy.  Speaking of preparation, there was a lot of discussion about its importance (We knew that!  Do we do it? Not necessarily…) but,  Heather placed it right up to the front of our minds.  Thank you!

This was the first time, EVER, that I didn’t want a diabetes education seminar to end. There was much more information to pass along to you. I’ll do that in future blogs — promise!

In the meantime, let’s stand together and make good choices in every level of our lives.  DSCN0076


Preparing for the holidays?

Wishing you bundles of JOY!


Viva la France!

PARIS is a magical city filled with people who are loyal to their country.

Watching the horrendous events of the last two days has filled me with sorrow.  The Parisians are a fun-loving, strong group of patriots who won’t be taken down by these hideous acts.  I think it’s only fitting to bring this discussion to a blog dedicated to diabetes.  French food is FABULOUS — they take eating seriously.  Their portions are just right, which may have something to do with the health and wellness of their people.  The city is their gym. The hustle and bustle of Paris serves to keep Parisians thin and walking is what they do — all the time.

         The Eiffel Tower
The Eiffel Tower

Shopping in small markets is the way to go.  The French, food shop, oftentimes every day.  I’ve seen men and women stopping into stores carrying a canvas bag or basket, just to pick up a loaf of bread, some pastries, a bottle of wine.  They know how to live!  Simply, gracefully.

Viva la France!
Viva la France!

Please keep the people of France, especially Paris, in your thoughts and prayers during this awful time of distress.

PEACE to the people of France.

Arc de Triomphe
Arc de Triomphe