CHECK THOSE LABELS! Nutrition Facts…FDA Proposal

There was an interesting article in the “Nation” section of today’s Newsday, our local newspaper (cited from The Washington Post).  The article focused on the Food and Drug Administration’s proposal to include the specific amounts of added sugars on the labels that list the “Nutrition Facts.”  Not only the number of grams, the FDA wants the percentage of sugar that’s added to a person’s recommended daily intake to be noted as well.  At present, when you look at the nutritional facts on the label on the package, you won’t see that number

FDA proposal to include amounts of "added sugars."
FDA proposal to include amounts of “added sugars.”

Evidently, studies have shown that a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease is (strongly) associated with lower amounts of sugar-sweetened beverages and foods. That’s an important fact for diabetics.
What I find incredible is that I RARELY, if ever, look at that side of the label — and I’m a “label reader!”  I’m usually focused on the number of grams.

Something new to watch!  Regarding diabetes, the more education, the better, right?