It’s as if I forgot how to type! Words mulling around in my brain, but not taking the time to sit down and connect with my laptop. Crazy. Well, I’m back in action!!!

My goal for the rest of this week (Yes, I know — 4 whole days!) is to post each day, in an effort to get myself back on track and stay there. Well, it’s still Wednesday, so here I go —

Wednesday is YOGA day! Truth is, I LOVE yoga. Another truth is, I HATE to go! Know what I mean? Getting dressed (big deal!). Driving there (another big deal!). Practicing yoga for an hour (yet, another big deal!). ūüôā ¬†Ridiculous, right? So what’s my problem?

While I was taking off my shoes, I asked another member if she enjoyed coming to class. Her response: “I HATE IT!” ūüôā ¬†We both laughed and agreed that it’s not the class that we don’t like, it’s GETTING there. ¬†It’s all about attitudeIMG_3214and sometimes, mine leaves much to be desired.

The other important factor is motivation. Anyone who is a T2D should be motivated — to exercise, develop healthy eating habits, monitor blood sugar, etc. But, I confess, there are those times when I just don’t give a damn — and then there are those times, NOW, when I hop back on track and keep that train moving.

I “stole” this from Bill over at Simple Living Over 50. ¬†Thanks, Bill!


Isn’t it great? ¬†ūüôā ¬†I printed it out and taped it onto my mirror, to remind me every day that I AM motivated and need to keep developing those HEALTHY HABITS!¬†

That’s where it’s at for me.




Diabetes Burnout? ¬†I’ve never heard the term “burnout” used in connection to diabetes. ¬†It makes sense though!

         Keep Walking!   Long Beach, NY

I read an article today by Catherine Price, a journalist who has diabetes and saw myself all over the page. ¬†Maybe that’s my problem.¬† I hear myself complaining (in my own head, and sometimes to others) that I’m¬†so sick of it, Why me? I just want a piece of cake, or pizza, or bread. ¬†I don’t want to exercise. Waaa, waaa! ¬†I actually bore myself with this whining and complaining.

Price has a good point. ¬†She suggests treating diabetes burnout by removing “junk” (things we need to do) from other areas of our life. ¬†By doing this, we’d make more “mental space” available to take care of the diabetes without feeling overwhelmed. I thought about it.

One of the worst self-inflicted stressors in my life is procrastination. ¬†I can put off doing just about anything, paying my bills in a timely fashion, emptying the garbage, food shopping, gardening, all of which, shortens deadlines, adds more stressors AND fills up my head with “shoulds.” In other words, procrastination leads to negativity. ¬†If I stopped procrastinating about even just ONE area of my life, and completed that task on time, I’d have less stress and more room to be able to do the “right thing in managing my diabetes” — thus, I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed (which leads to neglect of my diabetes). Good idea!

Because diabetes requires constant management, it’s never-ending. ¬†Of course there are times when we feel overwhelmed — I sure feel it — it’s exhausting, and sometimes I just don’t want to “play” anymore! ¬†Feeling bad about it is okay every once in awhile. ¬†I just know that I can’t wallow around in that pond anymore, no good will come from that.

Price says to “nurture yourself.” ¬†She’s right, we all deserve it. ¬†Take the time to do something that will make YOU feel good. ¬†Schedule it into your calendar. ¬†My choice is a massage, sheer heaven. But if you’re not comfortable with that, plan something shorter. ¬†Take a walk, drive to the beach, breathe in that sea air. ¬†30-minutes of self-care will reset your attitude. ¬†You’ll feel better, more in control. By arranging/scheduling breathing space into your non-diabetic life, you’ll realize that not every second has to be focused on diabetes. 15 – 30 minutes spent meditating¬†or practicing yoga is time well spent. Ahhh. Relief. ¬†Sounds good, doesn’t it? ¬†Maybe you’re ahead of the game and you’re already doing it. ¬† If not, what have you got to lose.

I started chair yoga about 6 weeks ago. ¬†Because of an arm injury, I’m unable to practice “regular” yoga, so I took this route. ¬†It’s been wonderful — every Wednesday for one hour!

Catherine Price seems to have a good handle on diabetes burnout.  Click on diabetes burnout for the complete article.