“Hoofing it–“

STILL  “trying” to walk twice a day —

After having some difficulty motivating my body to rise early enough to beat the heat,  I AM getting my morning walk back into a routine. I tell myself, I REALLY want to walk in the evening too.  So, what’s my problem?

Any suggestions, folks, in terms of motivation?

I feel like my feet are planted in cement.  The reality is, I DON’T WANT TO DO IT!  I feel like a spoiled child, stomping my feet and screaming “I’m not going.”  It’s absurd.  Just do it! — I tell myself, to no avail.

Yes, I’m feeling positive about my morning walks, but this inability to move my butt, as the sun is setting, is making me nuts!  It’s a choice, a bad choice, that I keep repeating.  Yet, I know — deep down to my core — that there’s nothing better I can be doing for myself than walking.  Experience has taught me that walking is a great way to shed that belly fat and it does wonders in bringing down my blood sugar numbers.  So, what’s my problem???

I need an attitude adjustment.  Seriously.  C’mon, Kathy.  Get it together, MOVE YOUR BUTT!  It’s just a matter of developing a habit — a good one.  Grabbing my sneakers, again…and moving along.    One day at a time!

Walking "gear"
Walking “gear”

Thanks for listening.  Hey, let me know your exercise regimen.  Are you a walking fiend???

No Gettin’ Around It!

When I go to my doctor, I always tell her the truth.  I confess:

“I binged, I slipped, I need to get more exercise” are the reasons that I blurt out, if I think all will not be well when she gets the A1C results.  “I’m doing great” is the other side of the coin, when I’m doing the healthy thing in every department. She always laughs and tells me there’s no need for confession.  The A1C will always spill the beans, if I’ve fallen off the proverbial wagon.

My daughter calls the A1C my “Blood Sugar Breathalyzer” — because — there’s just no gettin’ around it.  C’mon now — THAT’S funny!!! 🙂

The truth, as we’ve learned, is that there are many ways to stay on track.  I’ve been monitoring my blood glucose at least three times a day.  (Thus, my numbers are good.)  It’s important!  Taking my blood sugar and charting or journaling it, really helps to keep me honest.  I need that accountability — even if it’s just to myself.

Lancets and test strips. JUST DO IT!
Lancets and test strips.
                                    JUST DO IT!

Sometimes, I’m like a whiney baby (in my own head)  WAAAH, waah, waah!  I have holes in my fingers — it’s gross!  Then, my adult self, hands me a pacifier, tells me to stop, and then says, “STICK IT!”  literally.

It’s not a big deal. It’s important.  Like the NIKE commercial says, JUST DO IT!

The Argument: My Conscience and Me!

Had my blood work done — YEA!  A1C is down.

Happy — but, it’s still not as low as I want it.  I reviewed my “routine” and determined that I’m  NOT walking enough.  I planned to walk mornings and evenings.  Has that happened? Nope.


Ugh!  It’s hot in the northeast — and the humidity?  I could ring out my body, and it would still be damper than a wet hen.  Really gross.

I said, NO EXCUSES!  Walk at the mall!     


My conscience is driving me nuts — constantly, nagging, complaining, reminding.

Shut up and WALK!

OK, ok…

Have you ever watched a swan swimming along in a pond?  They look SO serene and calm.  Truth be told, under that beautiful facade are webbed feet paddling like CRAZY, just to stay afloat.

Reality is, staying healthy takes work, but it’s worth it!

Working like CRAZY, (underneath it all...)
Working like CRAZY, (underneath it all…)


Friday, May 29, 2015


Today was pitiful. Some days I just can’t get it together — today was that day. Other than drinking a lot of water, I did absolutely nothing right in the food department. Nothing. Not a vegetable in sight. No fruit, no walking, nothing positive. It was bad, really bad.

So, finally, at about four o’clock, I put my big girl pants on, wiped the sugar off my mouth, and headed out to the food store. Enough of this crap, Kathy — grow up, I said to myself.

Everyday IS Day One — no matter what!

Shopping as a diabetic high on carbs, is hilarious. (Well, depending on your perspective.) I found myself complaining about the price of apples. Mind you, I wasn’t bemoaning the price of cookies, when I bought that garbage this morning. Stop it; just buy them, the healthy me cried. I did — Galas, Goldens, Honeycrisps, and Braeburns –– two of each! I love the variety.

Moving on to the fish department, I stood in front of the counter, staring at each one straight in the eye. “You’re WAY to expensive! Ridiculous!”  Interesting, each looked back at me, but none of them replied. “What? Salmon, swordfish, flounder can’t speak? What’s the problem? No backbone? Stand up for yourself!”  Alas, each remained horizontal, basking in the coolness of the ice; ignoring my rant. The fishmonger looked away.

Because I resented their “attitude,” I decided to buy them. “I’ll have one of this, two of that, cut that in half, please.” I ran up the bill — I’ll fix them; I’ll eat them — every damn one of them, I screamed, in my own head.

Exhausted, I stepped over to the vegetables. Do you know what asparagus cost? Get over it!  I did, and I filled my cart with a variety of incredible colors. A veritable rainbow of vegetables.

When I returned home, I took a quick nap (carb coma, I guess). Then, into the kitchen to prepare an epicurean delight on which to base another Day One. For me Day One can begin at any time of the day — as long as it begins.

Tomorrow will be another day. I will start out on the right foot, and move through the day making wise food decisions. This DEDICATED DIABETIC will move forward, one day at a time, sometimes one meal at a time, determined to win this battle. My blood sugar will drop to an appropriate level, thanks to the walk I will take first thing in the morning. All will be well.

I am determined and definitely dedicated to bringing this disease under control!