Food shopping — Just DO it!*

What the heck is my problem? I’ve managed to procrastinate going food shopping, and now it’s SATURDAY! I didn’t plan to do it over the weekend and have to deal with the crowded stores. On the other hand, I didn’t plan at all — which, of course, is why I’m in this spot. I know it’s not a big deal. Just do it!

I had breakfast and lunch — both small portions. Probably too small which explains my lack of energy. So, here I sit, trying desperately to procrastinate — for ONE more day.

Grow up, Kathy. Just DO it!  It’s not like you’re in a war.


From: Shakespeare and Company (Paris, France).

I’m hardly “starving,” This is ridiculous. I’m grabbing my bag and off to the stores I go. See you later.

  • This post was unpublished from September, 2017

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