Can It Be Done? –Reversing Diabetes!

Friday, August 26, 2016

This is a great discussion to have with your doctor. At least consider the prospect, the possibility of reversing your disease. What have you got to lose? It’s just a conversation.*

This is a “conversation” that Dr. Sarah Hallberg has with her patients. Give her a listen; it can’t hurt — right? It’s a TED Talk — they’re all so interesting.

After you’ve heard what she has to say — THEN speak with your doctor.


*As with ALL information on this blog, always speak with your doctor before making any changes to your diabetes management.

ANYTHING is possible!


5 thoughts on “Can It Be Done? –Reversing Diabetes!

    1. Hi Anna.
      Right now my A1C is 5.8🎉
      But, I’m still on Metformin. My goal is to get there WITHOUT any medicine. When I use the term “reversing,” I mean getting to a non-diabetic state w/o any medication! That would be awesome and I’m working on reaching that goal. Personally, I think once a person is diagnosed with diabetes, it will always be there (lurking in the shadows), BUT we’re in control of what we eat and how we exercise. I do believe it’s possible to keep it at bay — it’s up to us.
      Hoping that you work like crazy to get out of the 6’s in A1C.
      YOU CAN DO IT!


      1. Hi again, Anna!
        Forgot to say that it’s wonderful that you’re NOT on any meds. Keep working hard to lower that A1C, so that you never have to have a meaningful relationship with your pharmacist. For me, it’s about eating properly and walking like a maniac. 😂 Those two things serve to lower my numbers. Good luck.


  1. Kathy,

    My T2D is under control, this is what my doctor says. So I’m just as happy with my current numbers. Furthermore, I don’t believe that diabetes can be either cured or prevented. At best it can be put into a remission but it’s still there. Want to prove me wrong? Eat sweets and then check your blood sugar; your meter will tell you that you still have diabetes.

    As far as prevention goes, it’s (probably) possible to delay being diagnosed with diabetes. One might have it but not diagnosed yet; this happens. Misdiagnosed happens as well. There are plenty of possibilities; feel free to interpret them as you see fit.


    1. LOL. Agreed. When I was first diagnosed, I was so annoyed! My doctor told me, to help with the denial, try an experiment — eat the same Thanksgiving Dinner that my sister ate, then each of us should take our blood sugar. Ta-da!
      Mine was up, hers was normal. Case closed. (I knew it — denial isn’t just a river in Egypt!)

      Thinking I wasn’t clear in my post — like you, I don’t believe that there’ a “cure,” but I do believe that the numbers can be low enough that one can be considered to be in a “non-diabetic state” (per my dr.), but we all know the way to change that is to simply eat the no-no’s and lots of them. It’s like putting bricks on a scale — it will go UP!

      Nonetheless, my goal is still to be med free with low numbers. Hoping to achieve it. But, I’ll still know that the diabetes is “in there.” #notastupidwoman

      We’re all just doing the best we can — who could ask for anything more?


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