Step By Step — One at a Time!

July 30, 2016

I’m convinced this is the only way to do it.


What’s that?  🙂

“This” is the simple, easy, healthy way to live. If I follow my regimen one step at a time, I’ll succeed. We can all follow through with one step, then the other, then the other.


During this “time” of my Dental Dilemma, my food consumption has been on a downward spiral.  The reality is, that I can’t chew most foods.  I can handle pasta, meatballs, fish, that kind of thing. I’ve grown fond of soups. Somewhere along the line, I realized that cake fit into that category of “easy to chew” foods.

NO! STOP! DON’T DO IT!  Those are the words I screamed at myself, but to no avail —  I caved, on many occasions. It didn’t seem to effect my blood sugar, because I wasn’t eating MUCH food of any kind. I guess the sugar filled in where the quantity was lacking?


I lost 21lbs some weeks ago and, although my doctor wasn’t thrilled at the speedy weight loss, secretly, I guess I wasn’t too upset about it.  As a result, I didn’t think the cake would “hurt” too much. I looked down this morning and noticed that my stomach seemed to have expanded.  OH, NO!  I guess “it” caught up to me.

My Dental Dilemma is just about coming to a close — I should be able to eat like a “normal” person within the next week or two…what will happen then? Fear is setting in. Will I binge? Will I gain all the weight back? Ugh.

GET WITH THE PROGRAM, Kathy! …and I will. Back on track, doing the right thing — one step at a time — that’s what I’ll do.


I’ve decided that I’m going to get a head start. I’m going to chart every morsel that passes my lips — starting right now! By the time the nonsense with my teeth has come to an end, I’ll be back on track with eating properly, monitoring my blood sugar, walking, and logging it all.

Wish me luck! Hopefully, I won’t need it.



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