LONG WEEKEND — Careful Now…

Friday July 1st

Three more days ’til Fourth of July Celebrations — Barbecues Galore!


This could be the ideal time for diabetics to eat healthy. Think about it, grilled foods, and MORE grilled foods.  GOTTA LOVE IT.  I’m looking forward to the variety of grilled veggies. Nothing makes me happier than grilled peppers — red, green, orange, and yellow.  Eggplants, grilled onions, zucchini, tomatoes, corn on the cob, asparagus — anything you can find in the produce aisle or local farm.  My mouth is watering!


Heaven.  Add grilled chicken or fish and I’m good to go.


Here’s the problem — while at home I can plan the menu, but when at a friends BBQ, they could be grilling hot dogs and burgers, on buns of course. Some will have ribs, steak, pork.  Part of the issue for those of us who are T2D’s is that these foods will probably be covered in sauces and marinades — TONS of sugar.  Popular BBQ side dishes are potato salad, macaroni salad, and slaws — many, if not all, will be made with mayo.

Check out this link, if the thought of marinades makes you smile!  🙂   It’s great to be able to prepare wonderful foods and not feel deprived.

ANSWER TO THE BBQ INVITATION?  When I’m invited,  I’m sure to say, “I’d like to help and bring something.”  Notice I didn’t say “What can I bring?”  Your hosts will probably accept your offer, and then you’re home free. Get moving on a mayo free side or two.  [Isn’t it  interesting that when people are offered options, many go for the healthy ones?]

Cold grilled veggies are delicious, so why not grill some up, put them on a nice platter, and you’re done? Be careful not to overdo it; it’s not your party.  Be creative — have fun! Maybe when you’re leaving, you could make a date with your hosts — your house next!  🙂

Enough said — Only two more days to prepare for the 4th of July.

I couldn’t be more grateful to be living in the U.S!  Hope you enjoy celebrating our freedoms with some healthy eating options. That adds up to celebrating “twice.”

Let freedom ring!     Have fun.




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