My Scale and MOI!

Saturday, March 26th

I don’t understand it.  I’ve never lied to my scale. NOT once!

I don’t even weigh myself naked, in an effort to get a lower number!  Just tell me the truth, clothes and all (minus the shoes, of course. Get real!).

I thought we had a good relationship, my scale and moi. I didn’t lie to it; I thought, it told me the truth.  I’ve even referred to my scale as the “truth teller.” How much more faith can you have in something? I trusted it; considered what it told me to be Gospel. But it lied, it exaggerated, it understated — it simply could not be truthful. It even got so caught up in its falsehoods that it didn’t know what the truth was anymore.  My scale was a pool of inaccuracies. I felt betrayed. As a Type 2 Diabetic, truth about my weight is imperative.

My “old” (LYING) scale!

I gave it a chance. I DID! Remember, a few blogs back, I said I’d give it a few days — and then, it’s deception became rampant.  Every time I hopped on, it gave me a different number — NO consistency.  I screamed at it, TELL ME THE TRUTH!  There was silence and then more LIES, deceit, myths.  I couldn’t take it anymore. Honesty was no longer the cement that held our partnership together.    😦

Just as in any longstanding relationship, when the cloud of deception surrounds the “beings,” it’s over! There’s no way out.  I needed HELP, that’s for sure.


Counseling? No point.  It’s too late. I felt as though our entire relationship was fictitious, a fairytale gone bad. I decided to let go!  I thought back over the many years we’ve been together, my scale and moi. Seems like 5 but time flies, so I’ll bet its ten years by now. In the beginning, it told me the truth. I’m sure it did. Then, after a while, I did start comparing the number on my scale to my doctor’s reading and, when I came home and hopped on, I told myself the doctor’s scale was wrong.  Mine would never lie…  I held on and went deeper into denial. I blame myself for that.

TODAY, I decided, was the day I would be released from its dishonesty. I felt my scale had been disloyal to me. AND, worse still, it made me lie to YOU. I didn’t know it, but my scale knew and it let me report my inaccurate weight anyway.  It made a fool of me.There’s no more denying it.

A quote from Aesop’s Fables, “A liar will not be believed even when he speaks the truth.” That’s where we are now, my scale and moi. Garbage day is Monday, and I’m kicking you to the curb.

I’m heading out shortly to Bed, Bath and Beyond to purchase a NEW, MORE HONEST “truth teller” and start a genuine, trustworthy relationship with my NEW scale and moi!

Blood Sugar = 103      WeightI am unable to give you an accurate report, because my lying scale can’t tell the truth.   If you want to guess — let’s say it’s about 129 lbs.   🙂   Now THAT’S a lie!



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