Is The Answer In The Arts..?

I began a new art class today?  It’s called, Painting Your Way Out of a Corner:  The Art of Getting Unstuck.  The teacher is Barbara Barry, author of the book by the same title.  Ms. Barry calls it a “jumping-off point for realizing one’s full creative potential in all areas of life.”

It’s a very different type of painting than I’ve experienced before.  It’s watercolor, which was never a favorite medium for me, yet I continue to try, try, again — determined to grasp it.  No judgment in the room — she stressed that.  Thank you, Barbara.  I believe that this non-traditional, out-of-the-box course, is a perfect way to relieve stress, related to diabetes, and is just what the “Dr.” ordered.  What have I got to lose, right?

Stress Relief
Stress Relief

Why, you wonder, am I taking this class for the next five weeks?  AND, why am I posting it on a Diabetes blog? Simple.  It’s obvious from my prior posts that I seem to be stuck in terms of managing my diabetes.  Climbing and falling.  Sometimes, falling and falling.  But, I AM a Dedicated Diabetic and this is my Diary, therefore, it makes perfect sense to me.  Is the answer in the arts????

So, here’s my question to myself:  WHAT  DOES DIABETES  LOOK  LIKE? 

I’ll post my answer to this question tomorrow.  Remember, NO judgment.    🙂


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