The Argument: My Conscience and Me!

Had my blood work done — YEA!  A1C is down.

Happy — but, it’s still not as low as I want it.  I reviewed my “routine” and determined that I’m  NOT walking enough.  I planned to walk mornings and evenings.  Has that happened? Nope.


Ugh!  It’s hot in the northeast — and the humidity?  I could ring out my body, and it would still be damper than a wet hen.  Really gross.

I said, NO EXCUSES!  Walk at the mall!     


My conscience is driving me nuts — constantly, nagging, complaining, reminding.

Shut up and WALK!

OK, ok…

Have you ever watched a swan swimming along in a pond?  They look SO serene and calm.  Truth be told, under that beautiful facade are webbed feet paddling like CRAZY, just to stay afloat.

Reality is, staying healthy takes work, but it’s worth it!

Working like CRAZY, (underneath it all...)
Working like CRAZY, (underneath it all…)

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