I’m NOT a good patient!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I admit it — I’m not good at being sick. I just have no patience for it. Things to do, places to go. C’mon people, we’re here to live, right?

So, when I thought what were allergies hit me last Wednesday, I took a typical allergy medication and moved on with my life. By Sunday night, I was pretty sure this wasn’t just an allergy attack, and Monday afternoon — it took me down. Fever, chills, major yuckiness. My doctor wasn’t available, so I went to a local “Doc-in-the-Box.” I won’t give you details, but he tested me for the flu (turned out negative) and prescribed Tamiflu anyway, Tylenol, and told me to go to bed. By that point, I knew I had no choice.

My blood sugar was high; it always goes up when I’m sick. Does that happen to you (the diabetics out in cyberspace)?

I guess diabetes just complicates the issue. Water, water, everywhere. That’s about all I could do. The thought of eating was nauseating. (I know, I know — you have to eat!) Finally, I forced toast; it’s all I could keep down. Any port in a storm, I guess. Any suggestions????

Feeling sorry for myself and hoping tomorrow will be better. Believe me, I know, in the scheme of things, this is nothing. But when you’re in it — ugh!


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